Foods To Avoid In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Trying to redefine your diet for health reasons has never been an easy task. It is even more
complicated when concerned about foods to avoid with rheumatoid arthritis. Reviewing the
kind of food we eat every once in a while is something we should all do, whether we are
experiencing joint pain or not. For instance, studies have shown that you can quickly develop
heart problems due to your foods.

That’s why it has become essentially important to consider a special rheumatoid arthritis
a diet
that will help promote your health in general


Artificially sweetened drinks

Are you familiar with Aspartame? It is an artificial food sweetener that comprises methanol,
phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. It is commonly found in countless foods, like diet sodas and
a host of others. Although this artificial sweetener has got FDA approval, its effect on those
with an autoimmune disease like celiac disease is still unclear.

There is every likely possibility that your body may not welcome this sweetener, forcing your
system to put up a defense of some sort, thereby triggering an inflammatory response.
Therefore, if you have addicted yourself to taking diet soda daily, you want to make a change
as soon as possible.


Processed meats

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of several types of inflammatory arthritis. Various studies have
supported the fact that consumption of processed meats or any other diet that contains an awful
amount of saturated fat has a way of promoting inflammation in our bodies. So if you have
been consuming bacon four times in a week, now is an excellent time to cut it down to two.


Sugary drinks

A lot of research and studies have corroborated that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages
such as juice or sugar increases your chances of ending up with a rheumatoid arthritis diet.
Not only that, the frequency of consumption of drinks that are sugar-sweetened has been related
to anomalies like systematic inflation, insulin resistance, and obesity. You need to reduce the
number of sugary beverages you consume for general health reasons.


Trans fats

Trans fats are why we cannot overemphasize the importance of educating ourselves with the
information on labels. What should you be checking for in those labels? Anything that relates
to partially hydrogenated oils. Trans fats are primarily present in fried foods. Studies have
shown that they can trigger systematic inflation in our bodies. Risk factors of rheumatoid
arthritis have been heavily linked to trans fat consumption. I’m pretty convinced you want to
avoid that at all costs.



When you are suffering from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, you don’t have to eat
everything that comes your way, especially those that will not have any positive effect on your
health. Thankfully, this article has highlighted a couple of foods to avoid with rheumatoid



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