PRP Therapy

Interesting Ways PRP Therapy Addresses Physical Concerns

Advances in medical research give medical providers a better understanding of the many powers of the human body. Thus, when medical providers look at the end product from platelet-rich plasma (PRP), they see it is a natural substance created from the blood containing a high concentration of those healing properties within your body! PRP therapy offers multiple benefits, which we will explore today concerning addressing physical ailments.


Accelerated Healing

PRP therapy is a regenerative medical approach that supports your body’s natural healing process. When you have an injury, your blood vessels deliver platelets to the damaged area to stop the bleeding and repair the damage.

Much like your body’s platelets, the platelets we inject into you are packed with healing proteins and growth factors. The difference is that our platelets come from young donors, while yours come from your body. Medical professionals inject them directly into your injured or damaged tissue to supply new materials that accelerate your natural healing process.


Fast Recovery

After your platelet-rich plasma treatment, you may experience some swelling and inflammation, but you can go back to your usual day-to-day activities. Some clinics even provide training and pain-relief guidelines following your platelet-rich plasma treatment to minimize discomfort and support healing.

Even when you notice improvements in your pain and mobility within a week or so after your platelet-rich plasma treatment, it may take up to six months for the full benefits to kick in. Still, this is a better timetable than standard procedures, like knee surgery, which takes one year to recover fully!


Fast, Pain-Free Procedure

Though the amount of time PRP therapy completion varies depending on your individual health needs, it’s usually a quick and painless treatment.

After drawing your blood, the medical staff creates PRP therapy using the healing cells and injects that directly into your injured or damaged tissue. When necessary, we use a local anesthetic to minimize the discomfort caused by the injection.

Post-procedure, you may remain at the office for a few minutes for monitoring before sending you home if desired.


Natural Healing with Minimized Risk

The most significant benefit of PRP therapy is it uses your body’s healing elements to create the serum. To make PRP, medical personnel will draw a blood sample from your arm and spin it in a centrifuge to draw out platelets from the other components that make up your blood. These tiny cells clot blood and contain growth factors and proteins that facilitate healing.

Because PRP therapy utilizes the patient’s blood, not those from donors, the risk of an adverse or allergic reaction is very minimal.


Pain Alleviation and Improved Mobility

Joint pain is expected as one gets older and develops due to many causes, including injury, overuse, arthritis, or the general wear and tear that comes with age. However, as John Hopkins revealed in an article, there is hope that PRP therapy’s healing properties could reduce joint inflammation and pain and improve mobility. Thus, this approach may be recommended to treat considerable joint pain, including knees, hips, and shoulders.


Book PRP Therapy in NJ

While a relatively new practice, PRP therapy unlocks the key to your healing in that Medical practitioners can synthesize a person’s blood for renewal and regeneration. As with any procedure, book an appointment with experts who know what they’re doing and are licensed to perform PRP therapy by a governing medical body to get the best results.

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