Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

3 Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you’ve ever had to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, you know how painful it can be and how much it can impact your daily life. The symptoms are very uncomfortable and can include tingling and numbness in your fingers. There are also a lot of activities that can be difficult to do and cause a lot of pain.

But you can make it easier on yourself if you’re careful about your work environment, the amount of stress you’re under, and how you treat your hands and wrists. It’s important to understand the struggle of living with carpal tunnel syndrome, and why it’s better to incorporate healthy habits to prevent them from developing.

This helps you to understand the importance of treating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as soon as possible. It also helps you to appreciate the importance of taking care of your body and all the systems that make it run, instead of just looking at what your hands are doing.


What You Can Do to Prevent the Onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Tip #1: Remember to Take 10- to 15-Minute Breaks Every Hour 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of constant use of your hands for the same motions with no breaks for the use of your hands to rest. Carpal tunnel syndrome can develop as a result of repetitive motion, but it’s a lot easier on your body if you remember to take breaks.

That might sound like a lot of work, especially if you have a lot to do. But it really helps to give your hands a break every now and then, even if you’re just doing it in small increments.


Tip #2: Stretch During Your Breaks

If you’re not doing anything for 15 minutes, you might as well use that time for something that can help you out a bit. A lot of people know how to stretch out, but it’s particularly important to stretch out your hands and fingers.

This is a good way to relieve some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome that are already present, such as pain and discomfort, as well as take care of your hands and wrists while they’re at rest. That way, they’ll be able to rest up and not be as prone to injury, or even the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Consider Your Wrist and Hand Position When Minding Your Posture

Keeping yourself in a good posture is important when you’re at work. It’s easier to have good posture if you keep your shoulders back and your feet firmly planted on the floor. It’s not quite as easy for your wrists and hands, but it’s still important that you’re mindful of how you position them.

When you get up from your desk, you should make sure that you’re gently stretching your hands and fingers out. This is an easy way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from developing and to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.


The Bottom Line: Being Mindful of Your Wrists and Hands Goes a Long Way in Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an uncomfortable condition that can be debilitating for those who work with their hands. It is a result of the constant use of your hands for repetitive motion, and the only way to prevent its onset is to take care of your hands and wrists.

Caring for your hands and wrists is a relatively easy thing to do. It just takes a little bit of mindfulness, and a few minutes of prevention every now and then.


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